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17 June -
19 June

Biotech CEO Summit Europe 2019

Powerscourt Hotel in Enniskerry, County Wicklow, Ireland.
County Wicklow

 Biotech CEO Summit Europe in Ireland 

Now in its fourth year, the Biotech CEO Summit Europe is a private, thought-provoking meeting that brings together European biotech industry leaders in a congenial setting, where they can talk candidly with their peers about the opportunities and challenges facing their organisations and the whole Life Sciences industry.

This invitation-only event is limited to 40-50 biotech CEOs who are viewed as thought leaders and influencers in their biotech communities.  Building on the tremendous success of past Biotech CEO Summits Europe, this year’s event will once again take place at the Powerscourt Hotel in Ireland, and focus on refining the key skills and enhancing the knowledge base that today’s biotech leaders require to deliver on the promise of transformational science.

Coulter Partners is proud to be a sponsor again in 2019 and CEO, Bianca Coulter, very much looks forward to seeing you in County Wicklow and exchanging ideas with you. She encourages Biotech CEOs to request their personal invitation as soon as possible and reflecting on the fruits of past summits, she says,

“This is a fantastic opportunity, not to be missed. The forum is so effective for leaders to share real experiences, learn from one another and evaluate challenges – and how to deal with them – in a genuinely supportive atmosphere.”

Request your personal invitation now from Lila Taylor, Chief Business Officer for Demy Colton – ltaylor@demy-colton.com

A few highlights of what is to come this June…

The 2019 program is once again focused on CEOs and global industry leaders sharing their personal experiences and perspectives, including challenges and opportunities. The intimate format features fireside chats with seasoned global executives along with closed door CEO discussions supported by case studies based on pertinent issues. The program includes:

The Purposeful CEO Fireside Chat Series – Since the Summit’s inception in 2015, the opening session has been dedicated to a series of off-the-record, in depth conversations with biotech CEOs. The Purposeful CEO Series focuses on the unique experience of being a biotech CEO and make-or-break events that define success – here is an example from a past summit:

The Purposeful CEO and The Art of Rebuilding a Company

Stephen Aselage, CEO of Retrophin, Inc. discusses how his team recovered and rebuilt the company after ousting Martin Shkreli as CEO.

Further examples may be found via this link:

The Purposeful CEO Fireside Chat Series

Communications: Building Your Story – Every biotech CEO is responsible for communicating the company’s vision through good times and bad. This leadership role involves managing challenges both internal – getting everyone on the same page – and external – managing perception among the financial community, the trade media, and stakeholders. The CEO needs to build consensus not only within his or her company, but, also must deliver the right message to the right constituency consistently.

Attracting and Keeping A-Level Talent – Competition for top talent in the biotech sector is fiercer than ever. What can biotech companies do to attract new talent and retain current talent?

Leading Through Adversity – Every CEO will face adversity and uncertainty. When adversity strikes, how will you prioritize your response and who should you turn to for guidance internally and externally?

Dancing with Bears – What makes for a successful alliance between “big” pharma and “small” biotech and what makes them fail? What alternative partnerships and alliances can biotech companies leverage to build the value of their pipelines?

When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies – Twenty years ago, the pharmaceutical industry ranked among the most respected of all industries; today they rank among the least admired. While pharma became known for me-too therapies, the biotechnology industry inherited the aura of innovator of life saving therapies. Today, this aura has faded. Before a company even enters the market, it faces recalcitrant regulators, questions about access or pricing, and stakeholders who are literally facing life or death outcomes. How a CEO prepares his or her company for maelstrom that may emerge.

Critical Inflection Points – Surviving the make-or-break moments that lead to success. Successful biotech CEOs have grit. When they are faced with challenges that would make others shut the doors, they find ways to face and overcome challenges through ingenuity and thinking outside of the box. Let’s discuss make or break moments and the lessons learned.

For A Biotech CEO, It Is Always About Money – A Biotech CEO is always raising money whether through an IPO, a follow-on, collaboration, a private round, or debt. A fund-raising strategy is influenced by a number of factors including development needs, investor’s tolerance for dilution, potential partnerships, and the state of the market. In today’s market, there are many funding avenues to consider. The challenge is determining which tool is right now and matching that tool to the corporate strategy.

Further information and the full event programme can be found at http://www.biotechceosummit-eu.com/