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15 October

Xconomy’s Life Science Xchange: The New York Breed of Startups

4:00 pm
SUNY Global Center
116 East 55th St.
New York
United States

Join us for The New York Breed of Startups from Xconomy for a unique, candid look at the stories of three groups of entrepreneurs and investors trying to create a new breed of biotech in the big city. What will it take for them to become the standard bearers of New York’s biotech future?

Several factors have come together to help create the foundation for the biotech startup ecosystem New York City has craved for so long. Early stage life science investors, new startup incubators, and government initiatives have all played a part. And they’ve helped foster a new breed of biotechs in the city, companies with the backing to pursue cutting-edge science and the thirst to prove that life sciences startups spun out of New York research can stay, grow, and thrive in the Big Apple. Their success, or failure, will play a big part in determining the future of the ecosystem. Who are these companies, and how did they come together? Who are the people living their stories, and what challenges have they faced—and overcome—to get as far as they have?

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