Archives: Staff Members

Wendy Zhu

Reflecting the rich variety in our own global team, we strive to add value with a commitment to diversity and inclusion in our search work.

Penny Sadler

In our daily conversations with the extraordinary people who are pioneering healthcare advances, we play our part in influencing life-enhancing global developments.

Ian Coyne

What I find most exciting is helping clients navigate digital disruption, the exponential growth of data, and diversity of thought – all key to solving problems that haven’t been solved before!

Mercedes Yeo

It’s inspirational to work closely with industry leaders and understand their business goals and models in order to support their talent needs effectively.

Ruby Charteris

It’s fascinating to explore the science behind healthcare advances in sourcing the right executive leadership for the sector.

Heike Haertling

Our goal across the global team is to build the right leadership for our sector, ensuring cultural fit to sustain their success.

Gwen Gioia

As global citizens, we are committed to building culturally integrated leadership teams that will advance the cause of healthcare for everyone.

Dr Nanna Soni (PhD DIC)

My passion is to help R&D teams be the best they can be, so that this industry can achieve its life enhancing goals.

Rebecca Hammill

As leadership and talent advisors we gain the greatest satisfaction in seeing the impact we make by enhancing global healthcare outcomes, for better patient care and their optimum health.

Sarah Hendry

It’s refreshing to contribute in a collaborative team environment to talent sourcing that will advance Life Sciences.