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22 September

Executive-level Women: Claiming Your Seat on a Corporate Board

HBA NYNJ EWO – Executive-level Women:  Claiming Your Seat on a Corporate Board

Hosted by Coulter Partners and presented by Client Partner, Nona Footz and Senior Consultant, Gwen Gioia,  this will be a virtual workshop for invited members of the Executive Women’s Outreach (EWO) program in the Healthcare Women’s Business Association.

In 2020, Women on Boards Gender Diversity Index showed that 19.8% of Fortune 1000 corporate directors were women. Yet, the evidence overwhelmingly shows that companies with more diversity at the highest levels see a higher return on investment overall (Catalyst Report). It is time that companies take advantage of this untapped pool of qualified board candidates. It’s time that we increase the number of women who serve on corporate boards. It does take effort, however, to ensure that you, Executive-level women of HBA, are board ready. Learn more by attending this virtual 2 part series.

Coulter Partners has delivered “boardroom ready” programs for Deloitte and Women in BIO, and also conducts workshops for existing board clients who want to learn more about how to promote gender diverse director candidate slates. We find that participants enjoy the tactical nature of our discussion (i.e. they can “do” something with what they learn in the session) and it also gives them insight into an area that is traditionally mysterious and difficult to navigate.

We set the context for a “safe discussion” and encourage questions, personal experiences, anecdotes, and actual client scenarios to give the topic more relevance and life while encouraging a strong peer-to-peer community among executive level leaders.

• Tools and Tactics To Be “Boardroom Ready”
• Getting to the “Why?” – Building Your Board Appeal
• Benefits of Joining a Board – New Opportunities, Making an Impact, Networking
• Resume Versus a Bio – Which one do I need?
• Working with Recruiters versus Networking
• Having a Targeted Game Plan
• What does a search process entail?
• How long will it take for me to get on a board?
• What are nominating/governance committees looking for?
• What is my “board specialty”?

For further information please visit https://www.hbanet.org/