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29 March

Leading the World in AI and ML

With the launch of the Global Partnership on AI earlier this year, the UK continues to lead the development of AI technologies and projects.

Westminster Insight’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Digital Forum will review what next for AI in both the public and private sector and how AI can play a key role in the health response and economic recovery to COVID-19.

Join us to explore the new consultation, on building a strong intellectual property system, and how you how to unlock the full potential of AI technology for your organisation.

Considering the growing ethical challenges, hear how building a Data Governance Framework can help to regulate AI-driven technologies to ensure privacy is protected. Understand how engaging people with AI will increase acceptance and trust in AI and machine learning.

Hear from AI pioneers how recruiting a diverse talent pool into AI and machine learning could help to reduce biases and better reflect the society we live in. You will also review how using AI can help to promote inclusion, innovation and economic growth.

Join us to consider how increasing the adoption of AI-technologies could change your workplace long-term and post pandemic helping increase productivity, collaboration, innovation, and communication. Explore how AI and machine learning could become a solution and alleviate pressures on public services.