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12 May


We are experiencing societal shift on a massive scale. A global pandemic, inequality and climate risk have expedited the need to operate differently, think differently and lead differently. Are you prepared to lead in the next normal? Join us as we explore:

Leadership for the Next Normal.
Agility. Empathy. Inclusion. Innovation. These are all attributes that leaders in a post-COVID environment will have to deliver. Leadership has been put to the test. To come out stronger on the other side, we must ditch the clichés and reimagine what it means to lead.

The Future Customer.
The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for companies and their customer experience. Now, companies are partnering with their customers to solve both daily challenges and those much greater through digital convenience.

Digital Body Language.
Virtual engagement is the new norm for many organizations. How can individuals create stronger connections online? Discover the art and science of using Digital Body Language to enhance virtual engagement and create a lasting impression.

Purpose Driven Leaders.
What are the leadership principles for the next era of capitalism? Times have changed. The next era of business calls for leaders to lead from a place of purpose and with humanity.

And much more