Coulter Partners is a
board and senior level
global executive search
specialist focussed
exclusively on Life
We source talent
globally, never
forgetting the best
may be in a surprising
Our access to the top
leaders in each sector
is the result of
nurturing deep and
enduring relationships
in a climate of mutual
We understand the
science and can help
candidates debate the
quality of a proposition
and clients debate the
judgement of


Coulter Partners works closely with leaders at the cutting edge of innovation in the industry in order to understand their challenges.

With an extensive global network and combined expertise gained over 25 years in the sector, we have become their trusted advisers on leadership. The largest dedicated Life Science search boutique in North America and Europe, we work in a unique way. We share expertise and connections across the globe, as one team with one goal. To bring clients the world's best talent.


We are committed to delivering outstanding leadership to the Life Science industry globally and to making a significant impact on scientific and medical progress. Our industry-leading reputation in executive search is founded on deep sector knowledge, creative thinking, exceptional research capability and the very best in customer service. Our strategy is built on a unique team culture and true global reach. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of both clients and candidates in meeting every challenge. And to continue to do this for the long term as we grow in response to market need.

Unique Team Culture

At the heart of everything we do is an exceptional team of talented individuals. Multi-disciplined, passionate and committed to being the best, we have PhDs, MBAs and speak many languages. Every challenge is approached with a blend of innovative thinking and best-in-class search methodology. There are no barriers to sharing information and everyone is rewarded for quality delivery. Exchanging knowledge, experience and data brings mutual support. Success follows naturally.

Because we develop people, they stay with us. Several of us have been here for over a decade and we know intimately how to conduct search from start to finish, from first concept to successful appointment and value impact for client and candidate. The teams we build then deliver value too. Their success is our success.

This distinctive culture continues to attract outstanding people to Coulter Partners and we are committed to Continuing Professional Development.

Outstanding Track Record

Our experience of working with global leaders, investors and advisers in Life Science means that we understand what has worked and what hasn’t over the last few decades. Who has led successes and how they have done so. Who has been less successful but may be highly valuable through the learning they have gained. Time and again we have solved the most challenging searches and made a positive impact on business success in Life Science.


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