Archives: Staff Members

Jacob Taylor

It is inspiring to work with leaders who are playing such a key role in advancing global health.

Liam Fryer

What a great opportunity it is to work with those at the forefront of global scientific advances at such an exciting time.

Ana Delgado

It is a privilege to connect great and diverse talent, building relationships across cultures and contributing to global advances in Life Sciences and technology.

Sonia Keim

The application of micro- and industrial economics combined with the latest business intelligence helps us to enhance leadership hiring decisions in this pioneering and fast-paced sector.

Lucy Webb

It is an exciting challenge to attract senior executive leaders and experienced board directors to companies at the forefront of the life sciences sector.

Mike Miano

Immersed in a fascinating world of ground-breaking innovation, we can enjoy the opportunity to make a difference with the right leadership.

Evan Fishel

Bringing the right leadership at the right time to Life Science innovators, we can make a positive impact on global healthcare advances.

Xavier Tobin

It energises me to join such an open, flexible and expert team in an innovative sector that is playing a critical role on the world stage.

Ben Hobbins

Meeting the best of the best in this fascinating world of Life Sciences, I can indulge in a passion for new knowledge.

Oliver Coulter

To make a genuine impact in the real world through our work brings great rewards on a personal and professional level.