Archives: Staff Members

Rachel Fitzpatrick

It is so inspiring to research talent in this innovative sector and source the right leadership at each key stage of developing solutions for patients.

Duygu Altuntas

In a climate of accelerating change, it is exciting to help prepare tomorrow’s leaders to drive advances in this pioneering sector and to thrive in critical senior roles.

Emily Hunter

I am excited to expand my horizons in this inclusive global team, sourcing innovative leadership that can really make a difference.

Natalie Tupait

Building strong and enduring relationships with the pioneers in Life Sciences is highly inspirational. It is a privilege to be sourcing top leadership to support their growth.

Katja Färber

By forging strong client and candidate relationships, we can respond quickly and effectively in this fast-paced and innovative sector.

Irlanda Almendarez

Healthcare touches everyone. Knowing that the leaders we place are shaping the healthcare industry for us all, instills a deep sense of purpose and motivation when partnering with our clients.

Carina McEntire MBPsS

It is inspirational to meet people daily that drive so many life-enhancing global advances. And building the very best teams to help them achieve this is a privilege.

Ayn Teigman

It is an inspiration and an honor to work with like-minded professionals across the globe on building the leadership teams of this transformational industry.

Jacob Taylor

It is inspiring to work with leaders who are playing such a key role in advancing global health.

Liam Fryer

What a great opportunity it is to work with those at the forefront of global scientific advances at such an exciting time.