Tough Mudder Half

For Alzheimer’s Society


5 miles. 13 Obstacles. 1 Extraordinary Experience.


Tough Mudder Half isn’t a race. It’s a challenge. It’s 5 miles of mud and obstacles specifically designed to test teamwork and toughness. And most of all, it’s FUN. Tackle mud-caked obstacles and pump the adrenaline. The finish line beer never tasted so sweet.

Alexa’s Mudder (with Mark!):

6.30am: Set off, still clean.

9.30am: The real start, in festival atmosphere but more terrifying. Run a mile!

Obstacle 1- The Backwards Ramp – jump up to the highest part and pull yourselves over and slide down the other side. 10 feet tall, so took some team work. Two of the guys grabbed feet and boosted while two at the top helped hoist you up. Gained three decent bruises.

Obstacle 2 – Kiss of Mud – scramble under barbed wire through mud, army boot-camp style. Lost the number off my jersey.

Obstacle 3 – Hay Bale Pyramid – not too tough but sharp! Thankfully wearing long sleeves with hand protectors and leggings. Unlucky team mates were pretty scratched up. One needed medical attention.

Obstacle 4 – Steep Zig Zag Run – just exhausting! Our group had split up by now – such a range of abilities – so down to 10.

Obstacle 5 – Birth Canal – the hardest I did and incredibly claustrophobic. Was very proud to finish! They had filled a tarp with water and set it on wooden barriers to create tunnels. Had to crawl through a tight, muddy space with heavy weight pressing down on your back.

There was a lot more running after this one.

Obstacle 6 – Block Ness Monster – first water based one. Jumped into freezing cold water with genuine ice in it, that came up to my chest. Pushed, pulled, and rolled our way through slick, rotating barriers.

Obstacle 7 – Ten Foot Wall – Couldn’t do this one. Got to the top, looked down and realised I wasn’t going to make the jump down the other side. It was very high and my knee was in a bad way by now.

Obstacle 8 – The Sewer – a very small tunnel to crawl through. Called the sewer because when you got to the other side of the tunnel there was a surprise drop into a pool of very muddy water.

Obstacle 9 – Mud Mile – the ‘fan favourite’ – huge pits in the ground filled with waist deep, shoe stealing mud. Waded through and climbed over huge mud mounds to get to the other side. Mark was injured and we had to take him to the medical tent. Misjudged how deep the mud was, he jumped in and slipped, cutting his hand on the bank. Now split up from the rest of the group, we took him for first aid. Cleaned, bandaged and wrapped in cling film, he could then continue without getting it too dirty. Real challenge now began!

Obstacle 10 – Pyramid Scheme – everyone by now soaked and covered in mud, so pretty slippery. Climbed the wall of a big plastic pyramid. After a couple of attempts I realised I wasn’t going to be able to do this. I’d kicked someone in the head and slid down four times! Pretty bruised by now!

Obstacle 11 – Tunnel – We kept running for a bit and had another tunnel one- this one a lot longer.

Obstacle 12 – Net of Mud – Crawled through mud with a big net under us. It took good teamwork to lift the net so that people could crawl through.

Obstacle 13 – Everest – Slick quarter pipe over 15’ tall, with a curved top to make it extra hard to get a handhold. Mark tried three times and fell on his face three times. I took it under advisement not to try!

Ran to the end, crossed the finish line, got the t shirt and a headband! I cried a lot because I was so proud of myself.

Completed in around 2.75 hours.