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Animal Health

One health for all

Animal and human health have been intertwined for centuries, both requiring leaders skilled in innovation.

The global drive for ‘one health’ programs designed to sustain the planet is generating keen competition for new skills in this sector. With over two decades building leadership in animal health, crop science and agricultural biotech, we have a deep understanding of the industry and access to specialist talent pools.

The sector is experiencing huge change. Worldwide public health and sustainability challenges such as zoonotic transmission call for improved veterinary and vaccination practices, which are in turn driving increased food chain security. To reduce the environmental impact and increase the effectiveness of agricultural and protein production, we are seeing companies innovating in alternative protein sources, fisheries and aquacultures. The growing public demand for preventative healthcare for both livestock and companion animals is also attracting significant investment. Meanwhile increasing insurance penetration reflects the boom in pet ownership.

We are building teams across the sector and facilitating the transfer of talent between human and animal health. Our recent themes have included veterinary pharmaceuticals, R&D, diagnostics, devices, digital, vaccines and PE backed market consolidation.

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