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Coulter Partners’ Board Practice brings over two decades’ experience in building, advising and evolving Boards for private and public companies.

Our network is carefully curated and gives us access to leaders who can guide science, technology and innovation-driven companies through all stages of growth and evolution. We understand what value a Board can bring and how to evaluate its suitability for the stage of the business and the 3–5-year plan.

A Board is critical in ensuring appropriate governance, D, E & I and ESG, overall supporting a company’s success. Our team helps with optimizing composition and succession and ensuring compliance with modern Board standards. Our Board evaluation and search approach also encourage the bringing forward of first-time Board members where appropriate, to enrich the composition, diversity and insights of a Board. We constructively challenge you to think creatively about how your Board can be a highly effective tool for company success.

We operate in 40 countries giving us access to a truly global talent pool. Our network is constantly expanding through our innovative and data-driven research and Business Intelligence function. This ensures we find the right talent in all markets and specialisms.

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