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Delivering a competitive advantage

Our work in patients services is rapidly growing and we have partnered with a wide range of business models. We have been heavily involved with Private Equity investors who have in particular come to us over the last decade for fast growth buy and build deals.

Throughout the sector, we are seeing increasing market consolidation across a variety of both human and animal therapeutic areas. This is often linked closely to our work with digital triage providers. As well as working with veterinary practices models, we are heavily involved in dental, ophthalmology, aesthetics, care home, hearing and hospital services.

Competitive advantage is paramount in these sectors and demands confidential and sensitive communication as well as a keen understanding of market dynamics. We have deep experience working with practice groups that are highly active in M&A and growing into new territories by adding individual and groups of clinics. This has been a hot bed of PE activity over the last few years, and these businesses need special types of leaders – we have had great success identifying the skills and talent for such roles at Board and executive leadership levels.

Our Business Intelligence specialists frequently meet the need for quick starters with operational experience by bringing in talent from outside the healthcare industry. Assessment is key to identifying those who are capable of first-on-the-ground leadership and making the transition from larger to smaller organizations (or vice versa).

Pharmacies are emerging as a hot area of interest despite legislation constraints in some countries. New opportunities are emerging, with M&A in semi-privatized areas such as rehabilitation, ambulatory, social and family care.

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