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Navigating the investment cycle

For 20 years we have advised and worked with all types of investors, from angels and HNWIs to family offices, VCs and PE firms. In the last few years, a massive amount of capital has been raised by established and new funds dedicated to our sectors. Despite the recent market downturn, there has never been more VC and PE money being deployed in science and technology opportunities.

We understand intimately how the different types of investors select, structure and manage their investments, what they expect of leaders and Board members, and how they grow their own teams. As well as working with portfolio companies, we have added numerous investment professionals and partners to the funds themselves.

We are expertly positioned at the convergence of science, technology and engineering and we have built a platform that provides, develops and supports leadership for VC and PE-backed businesses. Our team has worked with hundreds of companies funded by VC and PE money through the formation and start up phases, series A, B and later rounds and our work with PE funds has been for all types of investment including carve outs, roll-ups and MBOs/MBIs.

The market is on fire and we stand by the side of investors and leaders, helping them to reach their goals. We provide market knowledge supported by our exceptional global Business Intelligence team. We also deliver Chair, Board and Executive Search, Leadership Assessment and diligence, expert networks, and mentors and coaches.

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