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Leadership Assessment & Development

Accelerate performance

As your team evolves, understanding what every leader brings to the table becomes increasingly important. Leadership Assessment enables you to enhance your self-awareness and pinpoint areas for personal development, so you can hit new milestones with ease.

With over two decades’ experience interviewing, assessing and monitoring leadership growth, we have a clear insight into what drives success. Our approach combines this deep knowledge with the skills and experience needed at each stage of innovation. The Coulter Partners framework balances specific leadership strengths: Creating Vision, Mobilizing People, Driving Performance and Agile Leadership. This is underpinned by a data-driven understanding of each individual’s personality and preferences.

Our team looks at all aspects of a person, starting with their ecosystem, before considering the trends driving change. This results in leaders having complete clarity on their contribution, enabling them to reach their full potential and deliver accelerated results. We integrate this Leadership Assessment into executive team and Board evaluation as part of our complete offering around Human:Strategy®.

Team Assessment

Increase effectiveness

We are differentiated by our understanding of the unique demands of innovation industries. Through Team Assessment we help you to identify and evaluate your team’s capabilities and areas needing improvement.

Our work gives you clarity at both an individual and team level so you can develop your people and plans for success. Team Assessment enables you not only to improve team harmony, motivation and retention, but accelerate overall performance.

One-to-one interviews and comparison reports provide you with a comprehensive team diagnosis on which to base the development of future planning. This detailed analysis of your team’s dynamics, communication and cohesion ensures you target the right skill sets to achieve your goals.

Coaching & Mentoring

Unlock potential

Executive leadership coaching helps business leaders at all levels to leverage their skills, maximize their influence and direct their teams for success. Our structured coach evaluation program is tailored to the agile environment of science and innovation. We draw on a curated network of life science-experienced coaches accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Over the past decade, coaching has become less about problem solving and more about developing, empowering and unlocking potential. We identify your untapped sources of creativity and productivity to help you become a better leader. Each coaching program is based on increasing self-awareness, starting with a light assessment of strengths and development needs.

Today there is a focus beyond just business outcomes. ESG goals dictate heightened awareness of how leadership impacts the world. Themes such as sustainability, diversity and hybrid working have changed the landscape in which leaders must develop and learn. Our personalized leadership coaching program helps you navigate this challenging new environment more effectively.

We also arrange mentors for those leaders who want an independent sounding board and adviser - someone who has had personal leadership experience of significant relevance to their own trajectory and can bring valuable insights to help them achieve their business goals.

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