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Digital Health

The future, now

With years of experience working in Digital Health, we acutely understand the sector and its needs. Healthcare and life sciences are at the same point that consumer companies were a decade ago: digital-anything is no longer a differentiator.

Digital healthcare is here and now, with health systems combining virtual care with face-to-face to drive better outcomes. Digital therapeutics for a wide range of diseases and in the context of mental health are emerging rapidly in and improving so many patients’ lives. Personalized healthcare is no longer merely a vision but a reality every day, with the level of data, and comfort of individuals to share that data, constantly increasing.

Our team have deep expertise in helping the leadership of this new generation of businesses find the right people to create key functions such as product, business development and regulatory. Our work enables talent to flow into digital health from other sectors which may be more advanced in aspects such as direct to consumer, automotive and industrial, as well as from more mainstream medtech and pharma backgrounds. We bring leaders with relevant industry insights and networks to this growing sector.

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