By helping the industry
appoint the very best
leadership, we make a
significant impact on
patient benefit.


To attract the very best people, we cultivate a unique working environment founded on strong team values and continuing professional development.

Our Vision

Closely aligned with yours

The Life Science industry exists to give people healthier, happier, longer lives.

It depends on highly motivated, creative individuals to progress.

Great individuals need great teams to fulfil their potential.

Our team is dedicated to understanding your team and discovering the very best talent to make it stronger.


I believe that we can impact patient benefit and genuinely assist those at the cutting edge of Life Science to achieve their goals.

Our Work

Keeping pace with yours

The Life Science community is global, diverse and highly mobile.

Your best candidate could be anywhere.

Our team works as one to analyse the candidate pool, locate the most promising talent and present you with a selection of outstanding people.


It’s exhilarating to witness first-hand the leadership challenges in those hot spaces at the cutting edge of development in Life Science.

Our Approach

Leading from the front with you

To understand your need we have to understand your business. Our team combines:

  • Deep scientific understanding
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the Life Science industry
  • Passion for the craft skills of recruiting
  • Diverse cultural experience and linguistic ability

We work together in one team, with one P&L.

Every day we talk to the leadership of this industry.