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06 October 2022

Coulter Partners and Differing Minds announce partnership agreement

Coulter Partners and Differing Minds, Neurodiversity training and consulting specialist, are delighted to announce a partnership agreement. Coulter Partners will collaborate with Differing Minds to learn how to better support neurodivergent people and embrace Neurodiversity in executive search.

Differing Minds empowers organizations to welcome Neurodiversity as a competitive advantage, so both the organization and its neurodivergent employees can thrive. It supports organizations to recruit neurodiverse talent and ensure their neurodivergent employees succeed at work. The company´s aim is to raise awareness of Neurodiversity and equip organizations with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to create, and embrace, the change needed to make this happen. Services offered include consulting and training, digital resources, as well as a Differing Minds community network.

Commenting on the partnership, Bianca Coulter, CEO of Coulter Partners said:

“We are extremely interested to learn about neuroinclusive recruitment and how we can attract neurodivergent people, not only in recruitment of our own talent but with clients, too. This exciting partnership will allow us to gain a solid understanding of Neurodiversity and show us how to best support neurodivergent people in the workplace.”

Jess Meredith, CEO and Founder, Differing Minds, added:

“We are excited to collaborate with Coulter Partners and really hope to make a difference in this sector. There are huge benefits to finding and supporting neurodivergent talent and we will be looking at ways of doing this. We are particularly interested in improving neuroinclusion in senior level recruitment, something which is rarely looked at.”

As part of the agreement, Differing Minds will provide in-depth, bespoke recommendations, tailored solutions, and training packages to accelerate a Neurodiversity strategy, helping Coulter Partners to attract neurodiverse talent and support neurodivergent employees to perform at their best. Coulter Partners will also have access to The Differing Minds Hub, providing engaging, thought-provoking digital content about Neurodiversity, with information on changes that can be implemented in all organizations to support neurodivergent individuals. There will be training sessions, regular webinars, and access to an exclusive event series, run by Differing Minds and external speakers.


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