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02 April 2024

Coulter Partners welcomes KQ Labs' Cohort 6 in its London headquarters

We were thrilled to welcome KQ Labs' Cohort 6 in our London headquarters this Wednesday.

For their final curriculum day, Cohort 6 focused on team dynamics, people management, and execution strategies and covered aligning the overarching mission with daily operations and incorporating core values to foster a unified company culture.

Speakers (Tom Froggatt, Imogen Wall, Ruth Jones, Emma Fox, and our very own Ian Coyne and Nanna Soni) discussed the essentials of board formation, talent acquisition, and the seamless integration of HR processes. Importantly, we learned about prioritising mental health and devising strategies to prevent burnout on the entrepreneurial path.

#recruitment #healthtech #entrepreneurship #techbio

About KQ Labs
KQ Labs is a Data-driven health accelerator programme delivered by the Francis Crick Institute and supported by LifeArc.


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