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02 April 2024

European Deep Tech Executive Compensation Benchmark 2024: a Coulter Partners collaboration with XAnge

We are thrilled to announce the launch of XAnge European Deep Tech Compensation Benchmark, to which Coulter Partners contributed its 20 years of expertise in executive search and leadership development for companies at the cutting edge of Life Sciences, Health and Technology.

Explore this groundbreaking benchmark, where you'll uncover a wealth of invaluable insights, including:

  • Understanding the spectrum of Technology Readiness Levels
  • Leadership roles within Deep Tech
  • Funding distribution across stages (Bootstrap, early, and late stage)
  • Leadership experience alongside team size dynamics
  • Key differentiators between Deep Tech and “Tech” startups
  • Bonus structures and equity distribution
European Deep Tech Compensation Benchmark
European Deep Tech Compensation Benchmark: a Coulter Partners collaboration with XAnge

Full benchmark access here

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About XAnge
XAnge is a European early-stage VC, BCorp certified, which invests in digital, deeptech & impact startups.


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