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18 October 2023

Menopause 51 workshop with Meredith Brown

This week, we enjoyed an insightful training session with Menopause 51’s co-founder, Meredith Brown.

Menopause 51 supports organizations and their workforce to create menopause confident and inclusive workplaces.

​During this interactive session, Meredith talked about menopause, its common symptoms and how these can be managed, raised our awareness on the impact menopause can have in the workplace, and got us engaged in constructive and meaningful conversations on how to promote a menopause inclusive and supportive organization.

Our CEO, Bianca Coulter, commented: “We are highly motivated to learn about menopause so that we can be a more supportive employer and better advisor to clients and candidates. A big thank you to Meredith for a highly educational and inspiring session, and for helping us to open up the conversation and start to drive change!”


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