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04 October 2023

New partnership seeks to empower innovation and different thinkers

Coulter Partners and the Institute of Neurodiversity (ION) announce that they are entering into a partnership to empower innovation and promote different thinkers.

As a global neurodiversity changemaking organisation and community, ION fosters awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of neurodiversity. Its work with the United Nations and within multiple countries advocates for equality and human rights of all neurominorities. ION believes all neuro types should be celebrated, embraced, and valued; a world where no one is constrained by labels.

Coulter Partners supports the world’s most innovative organisations, global businesses that are diverse and dynamic, driving positive change, whilst enhancing health and the quality of life worldwide. More than ever before, these businesses require exceptional teams, who can think differently and deliver solutions to meet the world’s needs.

Coulter Partners understands that Neurodiversity offers a competitive advantage for organisations, whilst being a source of innovation. By partnering with ION, they are dedicated to realising the potential to be found within a workforce that includes neurominorities.

Bianca Coulter, CEO at Coulter Partners explains: “We believe that our partnership with ION will enhance our understanding and deepen our knowledge. This will enable us to better support neurominorities and advocate change, as well as have measurable impact on good governance and transparency.

ION’s expertise, global reach and corporate network will help provide us with a deep understanding of how we can ensure our own behaviours are inclusive and we are better positioned to advise our clients and candidates, and better support our teams and the communities that we serve. Their toolkits, events, multiple themed webinars and access to KOLs will further enhance our learnings.”

Charlotte Valeur, Global Chair of the Institute of Neurodiversity ION expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, "We believe that true diversity includes neurodiversity, and we are excited to partner with Coulter Partners to further our mission of creating inclusive workplaces that celebrate differences."

Silvan Ruthenberg, Global Lead of the Institute of Neurodiversity ION commented: “We are proud to collaborate with Coulter Partners to drive meaningful change in the workplace. Our combined efforts will help organisations harness the unique strengths of neurominority individuals."

About ION
The Institute of Neurodiversity is a leading advocacy organisation dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the inclusion of neurodiverse individuals in all aspects of society. Their mission aligns with Coulter Partners' dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion within the executive search and leadership consulting industry.
The Institute of Neurodiversity is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the understanding of neurodiversity and promoting the inclusion of neurominorities in all aspects of society. They work with organisations, governments, the third sector, educators, and policymakers to raise awareness and advocate for policies that support neurominority inclusion.


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