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14 March 2024

New Scientist Instant Expert series: the ‘Genetics Revolution’

On Saturday, our colleagues Charles Adenot, Ella Boothman and Lucy Webb attended a New Scientist event in London on the rapidly evolving field of genetics.

New Scientist 'The Genetics Revolution' event
Coulter Partners colleagues Lucy Webb, Charles Adenot and Ella Boothman (left to right)

Part of the Instant Expert series, this event entitled the ‘Genetics Revolution’ featured 6 leading experts who talked about the following topics:
Gene editing with CRISPR; Whether DNA is destiny, Nature vs Nurture; The science of epigenetics; Genome sequencing and consumer DNA testing and finally, the ethics of creating new life.

Thanks to the speakers for a very enjoyable and insightful event:
· Dr Kerstin Meyer, Principal Staff Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
· Nessa Carey, British biologist, Visiting Professor, Imperial College London
· Antony Adamson, Senior Experimental Officer, University of Manchester
· Dana MacGregor, Plant Molecular Geneticist, Rothamsted Research
· Marina Silva, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Francis Crick Institute
· Subhadra Das, Author, historian, broadcaster, and comedian

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