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20 May 2024

Coulter Partners' Nona Footz leads roundtable in NYC on the dynamics of today’s boardroom

Last week, Nona Footz joined Pioneering Collective with moderator Patricia Bradley, Global Chief Commercial Officer from MindMaze, in NYC to lead a roundtable discussion regarding how executive leaders seek board opportunities and the changing dynamic in the marketplace.

Some of the biggest questions asked:

· What is the difference between marketing oneself for a C-suite position versus a board position?
· What are some of the most common mistakes first time board members make?
· How has due diligence changed over the last few years – to what degree should candidates be more intentional and rigorous regarding their research into a company and its directors and ELT?
· How can executives make themselves stand out in this competitive talent market?
· How can they use their network in the most effective and relevant way?
· How does one learn about D&O insurance, director liability and risk factors in board service.

Round Table Breakfast in NYC

There is never enough time to cover all desired topics, but it was a great opportunity to start the conversation and gain more knowledge into the dynamics of today’s boardroom.


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