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04 July 2024

Top global hires for large-cap, mid-cap and public companies H1-2024

Recent top global hires for large-cap, mid-cap, and public companies, covering a broad range of disciplines and sectors across Life Sciences, Health and Tech.

CEO/ C-suite/ Board

Function Focus area Location
CEO Medical equipment (publicly listed) US/ UK
Chief Development Officer Biotech (publicly listed) Europe
Chief R&D Officer Mental healthcare (publicly listed) US
Chief Technology Officer AI-enabled drug discovery (publicly listed) Europe
Chief, Operations & Supply Chain Speciality pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Board Director Biopharma (publicly listed) US
Board Director Novel enzymes (publicly listed) Nordics
Group General Counsel Animal health (large-cap) Europe

Commercial / Functional / Strategic Leadership

Function Focus area Location
VP Business Development Biotech (publicly listed) US/Canada
VP Sustainability Generics (publicly listed) UK
VP Commercial Excellence Pharma (mid-cap) Europe
VP Global Total Reward Generics (mid-cap) UK
VP Legal Biopharma (publicly listed) US
Country Manager Drug discovery (mid-cap) Europe
Country Value & Access Lead Speciality pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Country Franchise Lead, Metabolic Diseases Drug discovery (large-cap) Europe
Business Development and Marketing Director Diagnostic services (large-cap) Europe
Commercial Excellence Director Medical devices (mid-cap) Europe

R&D/ Medical/ Technical

Function Focus area Location
VP Translational Neuroscience Biotech (large-cap) US
VP R&D Specialty pharma (large-cap) Europe
VP Artificial Intelligence & Informatics Computational biotech (publicly listed) UK
VP Pharmacovigilance Biopharma (publicly listed) Europe
VP Regulatory Pharma (mid-cap) US/ Europe
Head of Medicinal Chemistry Drug Discovery (publicly listed) Nordics
Head of Global Technical Operations Biopharma (mid-cap) Europe
Head of PK/PD and Toxicology Specialty pharma (large-cap) Europe
Executive Director, Non-Rx R&D Specialty Pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Regional Medical Affairs Lead Pharma (mid-cap) Nordics


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