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07 June 2022

Top global hires for large-cap, mid-cap and public companies

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Recent top global hires for large-cap, mid-cap, and public companies, covering a broad range of disciplines and sectors across Life Sciences, Health, and Tech.

CEO/ C-suite/ Board

Function Focus area Location
CEO Drug delivery/medtech (publicly listed) Europe
Chief Commercial Officer Pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Chief Commercial Officer Biotech (mid-cap) US
Chief Financial Officer Biopharma (publicly listed) US
Chief Financial Officer US In-vitro diagnostics (publicly listed) Europe
Chief Technology Officer Infusion devices (publicly listed) US
Chief Medical Officer Molecular diagnostics (publicly listed) US
Chief Medical Officer Gene therapy (publicly listed) Europe
Board Director Medical devices (publicly listed) US
Board Director Healthcare technology (publicly listed) Europe & US
Chair Specialty pharma (publicly listed) UK
Chair of Audit Speciality pharma (mid-cap) Europe
General Counsel Platform technology (publicly listed) Europe

Commercial / Functional / Strategic Leadership

Function Focus area Location
President US Biopharma (publicly listed mid-cap) Europe
EVP Global Product Development & Supply Pharma (top 10 global) US
VP Marketing EMEA Medtech (large-cap) Asia
VP/ Head of Business Development Enzymes producer (publicly listed) Europe
VP Business Development Vascular Interventions Medical devices (mid-cap) Europe
GM Mexico Pharma (family-owned mid-cap) Europe
GM Russia Medical devices (large-cap) Asia
GM China Pharma (family-owned mid-cap) Europe
Global Marketing Director Digital Health & Diagnostics Surgical products (mid-cap) Europe
Director Market Access Belgium Speciality pharma (large-cap ) US

R&D/ Medical/ Technical

Function Focus area Location
SVP Medical Strategy & Scientific Affairs Biotech (large-cap) Europe
Global Head of Early Clinical Trials Pharma (top 10 global) Europe
Head of R&D Ultrasound Diagnostics & imaging (large-cap) US
Head of Medicinal Chemistry Pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Global Head Formulation Animal Health Pharma (multinational) Europe
Head of Quality Speciality pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Head of Drug Discovery Oncology Pharma/cosmetics (large-cap) Europe
VP Regulatory Affairs Biotech (publicly listed) US
Head of Regulatory Affairs Europe Biopharma (multinational) Asia
VP Clinical Development Biotech (publicly listed) US
Cosmetics Development Director Luxury goods (multinational) Europe


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