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16 November 2021

Top global hires for large-cap, mid-cap and public companies

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Recent top global hires for large-cap, mid-cap, and public companies, covering a broad range of disciplines and sectors across Life Sciences, Health, and Tech.

CEO/ C-suite/ Board

Function Focus area Location
CEO (US) In-vitro diagnostics (publicly listed) Europe
Chief Commercial Officer Cell & gene therapy (publicly listed) Europe
Chief Medical Officer Biotech (publicly listed) US
Chief Technical Officer Gene therapy (large cap) US, Europe
Chief Human Resources Officer Gene therapy (publicly listed) Europe
Chief Scientific Officer Specialty pharma (publicly listed) Europe
Chief Scientific Officer (US) Biotech (publicly listed) Canada
Chief Financial Officer Biotech (publicly listed) Europe
Chief Business Officer Biopharma (publicly listed) US
Board Director Biotech (publicly listed) Europe
Board Director Biotech (publicly listed) US
Board Director (US) Biotech (publicly listed) Europe
Board Director & Chair Audit Biopharma (publicly listed) US

Commercial / Functional / Strategic Leadership

Function Focus area Location
VP Commercial Strategy & Enablement Diagnostics (large-cap) US
Head of Human Resources Biotech (publicly listed) Europe
Area & Neurology Head France Biopharma (large-cap) Europe
Head Market Access & Government Affairs Benelux Medical devices (large-cap) US
Global Unit Head Business Partnering (US) Speciality pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Global Head, Scientific and Medical Communications Contract research organisation (large-cap) US
General Manager Italy Medical devices & instruments (large-cap) Europe
Swine Market Unit Director Animal health pharma (top 5 global) France
Director of HR Oncology France Pharma (top 10 global) Europe

R&D/ Medical/ Technical

Function Focus area Location
VP Global CMC Regulatory Affairs (US) Biopharma (publicly listed) Europe
VP, Translational Biopharma (publicly listed) US
Head of Downstream Processing Health ingredients (publicly listed) Europe
Head of Manufacturing Pharma (publicly listed) Europe
Early Development Leader Biopharma (large-cap) Europe
Medical Director Haemophilia Specialty pharma (mid-cap) Europe
Director Clinical Development Oncology Pharma (large-cap) Europe
Global Regulatory Affairs Lead Vaccines (publicly listed) Europe
Global R&D Director Surgical products and solutions (mid-cap) Europe
Global Head of Quality Pharma (family-owned mid-cap) Europe


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