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June 2024


FemTech Labs - Decoding the Future of Women

Coulter Partners is the proud partner of FemTech Lab’s Decoding The Future of Women event.

The futuristic, mind-bending Women's Health Tech Conference of the year will be held from 10-11th June during London Tech week: two days of inspiration, 700+ attendees, three cutting edge streams, multimedia experience rooms, biohacking lounge, a lot of networking, futuristic art and a party.

A brilliant line up of speakers includes the mother of the word FemTech Ida Tin, founder of Hertility Dr. Helen O'Neil, Jennifer Garrison from Buck Institute on Research for Aging, Valentina Milanova from Daye, Tania Boler from Elvie, Irene Cuevas from Cercle.ai, and Chantal Cox from Octopus Ventures.

Full agenda is here: https://www.d3cod1ng.com/agend... .

Sign up for a special rate through the Coulter Partners network using code COULTER20 or click directly on this link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/decoding-the-future-of-women-2024-tickets-726640761077?discount=COULTER20.


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