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Invitation to Contribute to the Digital Health Leadership Study

People and data are now inseparable

Are digital health leaders born or made? What makes digital health leaders different? Are there any unifying work styles or personality attributes?

These are the questions Coulter Partners are seeking to answer by inviting a cohort of these leaders to be part of a unique study.

When building leadership teams, data is an integral part of this process. To better understand the leaders of early-stage digital health companies, we are conducting a study of Digital Health Leaders based on the Saville Wave Leadership Impact Assessment.

As a contributor, you will take the Leadership Impact Assessment, which uses the 3P framework of Professional, People and Pioneering leadership. Once you complete the questionnaire, you will see your results followed by an opportunity to have a session with our dedicated leadership consulting team to understand your personal results more deeply.

Your data will become part of an aggregated and anonymised data set that will be used to understand how similar this cohort of leaders are when it comes to the 3P’s and where you personally sit on this spectrum. You are the only person who will see your own report and any data published will only ever be in an anonymous and aggregated format.

To contribute to the study, please contact Ian Coyne.

The Results

Our aim is to get over 50 early stage, global digital health leaders to take the Leadership Impact Assessment to produce an aggregated view of these leaders across Professional, People and Pioneering Leadership.

Once this is complete, you will be able to see the following:

Individual Report
Individual Report
Cohort Report - Anonymous and Aggregated
Cohort Report - Anonymous and Aggregated

How your data will, and won’t, be used

Q: How long does the assessment take?

A: The assessment takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Q: What is covered by the assessment?

A: Full details of the Saville Wave Assessment can be found here -> https://www.savilleassessment.com/leadership-impact-report/

Q: Who will see my Saville Wave Assessment?

A: Only you and, if you chose to step through if your profile, the leadership consultant who takes you through this.

Q: How will my data be used?

A: Firstly, your data and your participation in this study is 100% confidential. Your Saville Wave data will be part of an anonymised, aggregated data set that will be used to discuss personality and work styles of digital health leaders. You will never be identified as part of this cohort.

Q: Will my Saville Wave Assessment be accessible outside of this process

A: No, the data will only be used for the purpose of this academic exercise.

Q: What does the leadership report look like?

A: A sample is included on the right of this page.

Q: Will I be able to ask questions about my report with a member of the Coulter Partners team?

A: Yes, as you contributed to the study, you will have a follow-on feedback session with one of our Leadership Assessment specialists.

Inclusion Criteria

In order to create a cohort who are working in similar environments and with similar challenges, we would like to invite the following to be part of this study:

  • CEO or Co-Founder
  • Early-stage company (Pre-seed – Series C)
  • Working at the intersection of the patient and the healthcare system. Examples of this include:

‒ Digital Therapeutics
‒ Healthcare services transformation
‒ On demand services
‒ Digitally enabled diagnostics
‒ Patient data and clinical trials platforms
‒ Drug + Digital combinations
‒ Health and wellness platforms
‒ ‘Mini MedTech’ and wearables
‒ Virtual clinics
‒ At home technology enabled care
‒ Patient data capture

  • The above is not an exhaustive list but examples
  • Participants welcome from all countries

Key contacts

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