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04 January 2024

Happy New Year from the Coulter Partners team!

Author: Bianca Coulter

2024: it’s happening!

Quantum computing, generative AI, smarter devices, battery technologies, new space exploration, digital twins, virtual hospitals, 3D printing, and so many other exciting platforms for changing the health and well being landscape! Goodbye to 2023… a tough year for most of us but here’s to an exciting and successful 2024!

We are in an unusually privileged position. We hear daily from leaders and investors in science and tech innovation businesses, small, medium and large, about the challenges and opportunities they are experiencing – the good news and the not so good! Hiring and developing the right people is always a key priority for them and channelling what we have learned to help our clients make good hiring and company shaping decisions delivers rarely a dull moment.

2023 was described to us by many leaders as one of their most challenging ever, with economic and geopolitical uncertainty adding to the difficulties of leading and building innovative teams. It was our own 20th anniversary and while we celebrated many successes, the over-riding sense was of needing to be there for each other and uniting in a shared sense of mission, to do what we could to make the most of every opportunity we had and building a solid foundation for the future.

Our focus is on industries that are led by people who want to change the world for the better and are optimistic about the future. Entering this new year, we celebrate how exciting it is to work at the cutting-edge of innovation. We have started 2024 with renewed energy and vigour to help our pioneering, motivated clients, to find ways to achieve their worthwhile goals. We look forward to helping them travel the sometimes rough road ahead; maintaining focus on developing and mentoring their teams, gaining access to the very best expertise to support their missions and prioritising long term success despite pressure to focus on generating short term value growth.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with you all as you develop your own careers, balancing the needs of your teams and investors, and the pressures of delivering. There’s so much exciting science and technology delivering results for human and animal health, food production, industrial processes and energy sources, protecting the planet and the shape of our future – let’s take the learnings of market cycles and challenges we’ve handled before and cycle the wisdom and creativity to keep moving forward!


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