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30 July 2022

Celebrating Female Determination with Coulter Partners' Neha Rajdev, Director, Business Intelligence

Our very own Neha Rajdev was recently featured in the book Female Determination by Tom Campbell & Melissa Collett, a collection of stories and portraits of inspirational women and their career journeys in boardrooms, on the stage, in politics, media, tech, and beyond. In their own words, determined women reflect on how they have pursued their goals and who has influenced them, as Tom and Melissa set out to answer the question – what does it mean to be a determined woman in today´s world?

Tom Campbell is an accomplished photographer who has been taking photos of women in their professional settings for many years, capturing their spirit through a portrait. Melissa Collett trained as a lawyer and is now Executive Director of a chartered institute within the financial services sector, and together their vision was to capture the authentic voice of each woman in her own words.

Some of the Coulter Partners team were fortunate enough to attend the book launch at the Barbican in London on 28th July 2022. The turnout was impressive as we gathered to celebrate the inspiring women featured in the book, but also to encourage other women, particularly the next generation, to achieve even greater.

Tom Campbell and the Coulter team at the book launch

Cover to cover, the book is filled with uplifting quotes and courageous career stories of genuine and relatable women pursuing success in their respective fields. The book is an important contribution to promoting gender equality and women in leadership roles, as well as illustrating how integrity and determination can drive success.

Neha´s personal journey is shared in the book as she reflects on her earlier career, juggling work and life as she focused on her young children, before joining Coulter Partners in 2016, where she has been involved in supporting the business across many tangents. It gives her a space to reflect on what her key drivers have been, what has contributed to her sense of determination, and who has inspired her over the years.

Neha Rajdev, Director, Business Intelligence of Coulter Partners said: “It’s been a real privilege to be featured in this book and share my story alongside so many wonderful women. It wasn´t until I joined Coulter Partners that I felt truly included – it was a turning point in my career. It´s an environment in which everyone is respected; everyone is listened to; an organization that fosters personal development and self-belief, and ultimately allows you to be your authentic self. I strongly believe that the right encouragement combined with hard work, an open mind and sincerity, drive determination…and with that anything is possible!”

Tom and Melissa´s beautiful book is a real page turner and hard to put down. As Melissa so powerfully highlighted in her welcome speech at the launch, you don´t have to be a superwoman to succeed in a man´s world.


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