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21 November 2022

Celebrating Neurodiversity at Work online conference

Victoria Claro recently attended an online conference hosted by the Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGPP).

Through a series of keynote presentations, case studies and lived experiences, Celebrating Neurodiversity at Work 2022 examined the key barriers facing neurodiverse individuals in the workplace and how these can be removed to ensure a supportive and successful environment.

Above all, this conference confirmed what we have been learning with our new partner, Differing Minds, about the many benefits neurodiverse employees can bring to an organization with the right support.

Key takeaways that we found particularly relevant to our work were around supporting employees in the recruitment lifecycle. We learned about simple adjustments that can be made to support neurodiverse applicants, such as making job adverts simple and accurate (for example by demystifying acronyms), sending questions ahead of the interview, providing information on the work environment before the first day, adjusting the pace of training, as well as simply asking applicants what they need.

Being inclusive in hiring is crucial for retaining and supporting talent. A big thanks to IGPP for an insightful session!


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