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13 November 2023

Digital Health Leaders – Born or Made?

Last week Francesca Lazzarin and Ian Coyne presented our research on CEOs & Founders of digital health companies at Frontiers Health 2023 in Rome.

What did we see in this first data set?

- Highly innovative product builders
- Organisational transformers
- Not always the best at building teams
- Bring a necessary but chaotic profile of autonomous + daring + unpredictable
- Highly risk tolerant

Not surprising given what it takes to transform how health is delivered, concluded a discussion across the room.

The study will remain open to all CEOs and Founders of digital health companies through 2024, and the first results will be published after 50 participants have joined.

In exchange for participation, leaders will receive a full leadership development session with Coulter Partners.

More information on the study and how to contribute: https://www.coulterpartners.co...


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