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10 January 2022

2022: Innovation, Collaboration, and Momentum

Author: Bianca Coulter

January 2022…

NOT, as we would usually be, on a plane any time soon to San Francisco to see friendly industry faces on the conference circuit…BUT we are fired up at Coulter Partners and hope all the amazing people we work with were refreshed by a few days off at the end of an unusual 2021. We’re excited to be working with you in your missions to advance science and technology for the benefit of our planet!

2021 seemed relentless but it was so motivating to see how the best leaders care for their teams, inspire and foster growth in every sense. As the pandemic drives people to re-evaluate their work-life balance, and reconsider what “reward” means for them, we are seeing new definitions of leadership skills and values, and new ways of working. Inclusivity, authenticity, empathy, a sense of mission and commitment to environmental sustainability are just a few topics rising up the priority list.

Accelerated innovation, collaboration, the momentum of digital transformation, availability of capital and increased recognition of the threats to our planet are just a few of the powerful levers creating momentum in our sectors. We look forward to sharing what we’re learning throughout 2022, as we witness first-hand the opportunities and challenges facing industrial, academic, and investment leadership globally.

Although we’re not quite in the post-pandemic world we’d hoped for, the achievements and collaborations that shone through the immense challenges of last year made us feel privileged to work with the leadership of such dynamic sectors. Thank you for choosing us to help you!

As we started to accept and adjust to a world of hybrid working we were amazed by our clients’ adaptability and resilience. Last year we engaged in over 400 leadership consulting and executive search projects in North America, UK, Europe and APAC, involving more than 100,000 conversations with leaders, about their challenges and strategies. We continue to harness the data and learning to help our clients and candidates with leadership development and assessment, mentoring and coaching, organizational evolution and hiring.

Our own team grew substantially and we shared knowledge and expertise through various forums such as leadership webinars, industry interviews, conference panel sessions, our HR Forum etc. Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion led to us refine our own processes, training the team internally, advising clients externally, and bringing the industry’s voice to a wide audience on key topics, through our “D, E & I interview with leadership” series.

As well as huge demand for our help in the heartlands of Bio-, Med- and Health-tech, we have grown strongly in other segments that have had record levels of funding, including Ag-, Food- and Clean- tech, and Animal Health. With investors putting “impact investing” and sustainability high on their agendas, we’re excited about the growth of our broader industrial biotech activity and supporting emerging technologies that are shaping the future for us all.

So hello 2022! We are off to an exciting start, with a sense of purpose and mission to help our clients achieve their incredibly important goals.

Happy New Year from the Coulter Partners team.


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