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28 May 2024

Coulter Partners at Bio€quity Europe in San Sebastián, Spain

Last week, the Coulter Partners team - Bianca Coulter, Francesca Lazzarin, Kay Wardle, and Laura Esam - attended Bio€quity Europe in San Sebastián, Spain.

The conference brought together leading companies in the sector as well as specialized investors looking to discover new business opportunities and create synergies through partnering meetings.

Our CEO Bianca Partner was also a panellist on the Talent Showcase: “Is your board Rising Above the Noise?” discussing topics relating to:
- board composition, purpose, process and behaviour,
- differences between private and public boards, geographies,
- what a good board can do to help in tough times,
- what the executive team need from their board and vice versa, and
- the different perspectives on how a board can help a company “rise above the noise”.

All this shared from the points of view of investors, a biotech CEO, and the CEO of a leadership consultancy. So much to cover and very stimulating!

Thanks to the panel moderator: Simone Fishburn and all the other panellists: Roel Bulthuis, Fiona MacLaughlin, Rachel Mears, Catherine Pickering, Naveed Siddiqi for their insights.


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